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ABOUT MY WORK (scroll down for my art bio)

All the stories I’ve conceptualized are out there and ridiculous, but what grounds them is the underlying human experience and challenges the characters must go through, even if on a surface level it seems like fantasy.


Art is expression of life and what you have been through, everything that has ever happened to you, negative or positive, art shapes what you create. Art is relaying the human experience through creativity. That experience is multiple things, funny, sad, angry, happy, and the most compelling art is something that holds these feelings. If it makes you feel something, anything, I believe it’s an effective and beautiful piece of art. My art making is a reflection of myself. I think I put on a goofy character and make art to cope with things in my life. These are human experiences shared by many and I think art is my way to process this for myself and show people they are not alone. Through my sketchbooks, my writing, my music, my sculpture, my film and animations I am coping, growing, and getting the never ending flood of ideas out of my head as best I can so they don’t overflow. Bringing all these facets of making together is by definition artistic experimentation, is me and is my work. If someone is able to connect with something I have made, or if the work speaks to even one person, I am satisfied. I know art helps me to feel connected, not alone and that is important for everyone.

Artist BIO.

My pencil grip is odd, I was born dyslexic and my art is better for it. In first grade I discovered acting and I have been in 20 plays throughout my school career so far. I have had lead roles in over half of these productions including Nick Bottom, Don Lockwood, a 500 year old irish witch, and a magic man. Acting has pushed my storytelling and my character development. In the visual arts I have won awards. Winning first place in 3rd grade was my first award in a citywide MLK art competition.I won 2nd place in the Long Beach “Black Book Sessions” art exhibition. I placed locally in PTA reflections art competition. I have participated in a number of group art shows as well, I sold small works at fINdings gallery in San Pedro, created and sold magnets of my characters at the “Ra-di-ent” pop up shop at My Place Gallery in Pasadena. In 2021, I contributed drawings to a large-scale projection installation by interdisciplinary artist Carole Kim for her piece “Void” as part of NOWART LA in downtown Los Angeles.  I participated in the Summer Arts Conservatory at LACHSA focused on film and drawing. I have also taken a film class and most recently an animation course through ArtCenter for Teens. I was awarded scholarships for the courses.  I attend California School of the Arts - San Gabriel Valley where I was accepted into the acting conservatory as well as the visual art conservatory. This past October I was honored to work as an PA on the short film “Della” that will be released in 2023.

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