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3inch Reclaimed Denim Patches - Hand Block PrintedReid Gore loved a thrift store and repurposing materials that he found. That notion inspired these unique patches. These are smaller in size approximately 3 inches in diameter or across. Each is cut and printed by hand, cured and prewashed to insure durability.

Reid enjoyed hand stitching these onto his thrifted clothes. You will find your own way to use these patches to customize any of your existing fits. (when you do send us a pic for a chance to be featured on our instagram profile @whereisreid) Choose your one of a kind patch based on the letter in the pic. 


20% of the retail price is being donated to support youth mental health.  Read more about our mission in the YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH additional information. 

3inch Reclaimed Denim Patches - Hand Block Printed

  • 20% of the retail price is being donated to support YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH THROUGH ART. Reid was passionate about the healing power of ART. In his journals, he talked about ideas to support art therapy for teens in the wellness rooms of schools. We are following the lead he left us through his artwork to raise funds to support youth mental health. Your purchase helps us on this journey. To quote his artist statement, "My art making is a reflection of myself. I think I put on a goofy character and make art to cope with things in my life. These are human experiences shared by many and I think art is my way to process this for myself and show people they are not alone. Through my sketchbooks, my writing, my music, my sculpture, my film and animations I am coping, growing, and getting the never ending flood of ideas out of my head as best I can so they don’t overflow... I know art helps me to feel connected, not alone and that is important for everyone." - Reid Gorecki 2023

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